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Migrate from Magento to Shopware with Blauband

Have you set up your shop in Magento and now want to migrate it to Shopware? We help you to set up the new system and adapt it to your needs. With us you can make a smooth transition, both for your customers and for your team.

Reasons why the migration from Magento to Shopware makes sense

Open source products are popular, and this also applies to the creation of online shops. With a solid plan and the right partners on hand, professional online shops can be created even without expensive software products.

The takeover of Magento by the software company Adobe, however, raises the question for many users to what extent the open source model will continue to be pursued in the future. The first innovations, such as the inevitable use of the Adobe Cloud in connection with Magento, are already problematic for some companies.

Shopware offers an alternative whose open source approach is considered secure in the long term and which thus guarantees unrestricted access to your own data.


Ask yourself these questions before you migrate

Before you start, make sure you make a few decisions:

  • Would you like to, for instance, keep the design of your shop, or renew it as part of the migration? It may make sense to also revise the front end when the back end is renewed. On the other hand, a new design can be put down to keep the project as narrow as possible in the first step.

  • What must your shop be able to do? Maybe your internal processes have changed. Or you have discovered shortcomings over the years that you want to correct. Here is a chance to show this in the structure of your shop. Think about which processes must be included in the functional scope.

  • How much data can, or must you keep? Some data, such as the customer's order history, can possibly unnecessarily increase the migration effort.

We are happy to help you with these and other decisions.

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Step by step from Magento to Shopware

Here we present the usual migration process from Magento to Shopware:

Step 1: Analysis of shop functions

First of all, it is important to determine the functional scope of your shop and to decide which functions are necessary, which may be implemented at a later time and which are no longer relevant. With a gradual introduction of the features, the project can be made simpler. In addition, individual functions can be checked for their actual benefits for the customer. If customers do not complain about the loss of individual features, they can be left out altogether and do not burden the system unnecessarily.

Step 2: Define processes

Together we discuss all processes that must be mapped in Shopware so that your online shop works properly. This applies to your customer journey as well as to your team, which must process the purchases, inquiries and fulfilment.

Step 3: Integration of third-party systems

Certainly, your shop should also continue to communicate with all third-party systems under Shopware. These include, for instance, ERP systems, accounting systems and the large online marketplaces such as Amazon or Zalando. We implement these interfaces and ensure smooth processes.

Step 4: Data migration

There are proven processes for transferring your data from Magento to Shopware, which ensure that no information is lost.

By the way: We generally recommend moving directly to the latest version of Shopware. Therefore, we set up the migration to Shopware 6 for you. You can read about the differences between Shopware 5 and 6 here.


Cost and duration of the migration from Magento to Shopware

The cost and duration of the migration process depend on many aspects. This includes the questions above regarding design, functionality and historical data.

But don't worry: we will find a solution together that meets both your requirements and your budget.


Switch to Shopware with Blauband

Register and present your project to us. We would be happy to help you migrate your online shop from Magento to Shopware and thus put it on a future-proof open source basis.


Migrate From Magento to Shopware With The Help Of An Expert

A modern and agile shop system is the foundation for your eCommerce success. We’re inviting you to get in touch and tell us about your situation. Blauband is happy to assist with your migration and save your valuable time and effort.

Blauband - more than a Shopware agency

Blauband is more than an agency for programming online shops. Of course we are very familiar with all common Shopware products, but beyond that we have been operating shops worldwide for many years, from data maintenance to customer support. We know the fulfillment processes and can also connect your shop to the large online marketplaces. If you need more than pure programming work, you have come to the right place.


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