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Shopware Erweiterungen und Plugins

Shopware Extensions

In-house developments from blauband


Shopware plugins from blauband

We have been a certified Shopware partner since 2017. Shopware plugins developed by us have been successfully used by customers since 2016. You can buy or rent some of our plugins in the Shopware plugin store.


If you would like more information, please write to us.

A single click creates a fully functional test system as a 1: 1 clone from your #Shopware® live system:

  • No work required on the server

  • Clear presentation of all changes in the test system compared to the live system

  • All licenses of the live system are also valid in the test system


System requirements:

  • Apache web server

  • MySQL database

  • Linux based operating system


With this practical e-mail client with e-mail archive you can send e-mails to customers directly from your #Shopware® backend:


E-mails are automatically provided with a header, footer and salutation. All e-mails sent can be viewed in the orders or at the customer's.



The plug-in is available free of charge in #Shopware®.

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