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Customer Service & Fulfillment

We take care of the smooth process of order processing as well as extensive customer support

Shopping cart service

As part of our shopping cart service, we take care of all processes relating to order processing. We take care of order confirmation, delivery notes and invoices, accept special requests and send delivery instructions to logistics. We also handle payment transactions and manage returns.

Logistics & storage of goods

With our sustainably developed infrastructure, we ensure smooth order processing from the order to the return. We ensure that your products are properly stored and ensure that logistics are on time and efficient. Thanks to our work processes, which have been optimized over many years, we can usually significantly reduce shipping costs and delivery times. Leave the #fulfillment to us - from storage to delivery to returns management - anywhere in Europe or even worldwide if you wish.

Customer support

Offer your customers a service that will be remembered positively. With friendly, competent support in all major European languages via all relevant channels: telephone, e-mail, live chat, messenger and social media. Around the clock.


We are there for your customers - if you wish 24/7. Whether logistics, inventory management, support inquiries or returns - you do not have to use energy or resources.

Your contact person

Melanie Korotaj

Team lead

Order processing

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