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We are a Shopify Partner

For quickly and efficiently implemented shopping worlds


Shopify - the efficient shop solution for small projects

Shopify is very easy to use and can also be operated without any technical background knowledge.


Founded in Canada in 2004, Shopify has become one of the most popular content management systems for online shops. More than 1 million companies around the world now use the tool as a sales channel.

In addition to its ease of use, there are many reasons for Shopify's success - we at blauband consider the following points to be particularly noteworthy:

Focus on usability

Shopify's user interface is characterized by an intuitive user interface. Shop functions are easy to find and can also be used without in-depth technical understanding.

Very high uptime security

Shopify promises its users over 99% uptime. There are therefore (almost) no shop interruptions to be expected and the shop functions are carried out reliably.

Excellent performance

A high-performance system is necessary to ensure that the shop runs smoothly. Shopify impresses both in the backend and frontend with its fast, powerful processes.

Andreas Janssen
managing Director

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