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Data & Analytics

"We are drowning in a sea of data, starving for knowledge."
Sydney Brenner in his Nobelprice lecture on Dec. 8th, 2002

Market insights & business plan

Are you still at the very beginning? We provide you with the basis for a successful market entry: relevant market insights, tailored to your goals, your target group and your products. On request, we can create a complete #business plan for your online business. You benefit from years of experience.

Data management

An e-commerce business that not only uses its own online shop but also, in particular, the reach of large marketplaces, places high demands on the maintenance and organization of product data.

Each channel requires its own titles, product texts, property descriptions, categorizations ... and that often in several languages.

Trust in our expertise from many years of e-commerce trading across many channels. We take care of the administration and - if you wish - the creation of the data for you.


The collection of data - of course in a data protection-compliant manner - does not represent a major challenge. The real challenge is the evaluation of the data.

Upon request, we can set up an interactive dashboard tailored to your needs, with which you can monitor your business around the clock and in real time. We aggregate all data from all online channels and determine the KPIs that are relevant for you.

Which products sell best, where are the slow-moving goods ...


our interactive dashboard is always up to date!


Managing, distributing and analyzing data is complex, but crucial for success in e-commerce. If you leave the data management to us, you save yourself the hassle. We make sure that all processes run optimally.

Your contact person

Andreas Janssen


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