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The costs of an online shop - what to expect?

"50,000 euros: With this sum, experts budget the costs of opening an online shop." writes editor-in-chief #Nicole_Basel in her #Blog_für_Unternehmer.

You are faced with the decision to set up an online shop. Many considerations need to be made to implement such a project. A central point is of course the cost. What expenses you can expect depends on many factors. The Blauband team will be happy to help you outline the project precisely and thus calculate the costs for setting up your online shop.

What do the costs of an online shop depend on?

No e-commerce shop is the same. Depending on the market, structure, complexity and design, the costs can vary widely. That is why it is important that we determine together in advance which functions your shop needs and how it should be structured.

The following points explain what you need to consider when setting up your new online shop.

Your design ideas

Maybe you already have a design concept in mind. If not, we can create it for you. Some ideas can be implemented with existing templates, which of course reduces the effort, others must be programmed by hand. You may also have your own designers in-house who can work on or take over a large part of the design yourself. There are a lot of things you can do to change the price.

The desired range of functions

The functions that your shop needs strongly depend on your sales concept. Do you sell internationally or only in one country? How many different payment and shipping methods do you offer? Can items be configured, for example by color or size? Are there discounts, price scales and the like? Together we can create a list of required features and then sort which ones are necessary at the launch of the shop and those which can be installed later. In this way, we can keep the introductory or migration project to GoLive narrow and concentrate on the essentials.

The right software as the basis for your online shop

The common open source tools, such as Shopware, can be used for many online shop concepts. At least there are no additional costs for the purchase of the software. Complex shops may need high-end systems such as Hybris or Demandware, whose implementation projects are often in the seven-digit euro range. The Blauband team will show you which solution is optimal for you.

Connection of external systems to your new shop

Another cost is the integration of existing external systems in your new online shop. These integrations can make up a significant part of the project volume and can have a major impact on the project duration. This means, for example, ERP systems or accounting software that can be seamlessly integrated into the shop so that they can work together without any further action. In addition, there are various marketing tools for social media or newsletters that can be integrated into a shop. There is also the question of further sales channels: for example, are you already selling on the major Internet marketplaces such as Amazon or Alibaba? These should also be considered regarding your new online shop.

No shop without content - working with data

Plenty of data has to be imported into your shop. This ranges from product descriptions and photos to additional texts and SEO data to product numbers, tags, customer information and much more. Some of this data may be available, others may need to be gathered, some may have to be generated from scratch. The process of selecting and collecting this data can already be complex, but then it still has to be prepared for the new shop. Perhaps images have to be re-sorted and edited, texts shortened, and background data brought into a uniform format. The challenge is to make this process as efficient as possible. There are different approaches here, which vary depending on the initial situation and can therefore influence the costs.


Non-binding calculation of your costs with Blauband

As you can see, it is hardly possible to make a general statement about the costs of an online shop. A detailed discussion and a precise analysis of the requirements for your future shop are essential to calculate the realistic effort. With Blauband you gain a partner who keeps an eye on your needs without going beyond your financial limits.


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