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E-Commerce Integrations


As a long-term trading partner for our customers, we are always up to date with developments and technology in e-commerce. We are aware that online marketplaces in Europe are still growing strongly and connections via so-called e-commerce integrations are an important topic for online shops. Here we show you which interfaces are available, how and when they are used and how Blauband can support you.

E-Commerce Integrations: Reasons and Tasks

Many entrepreneurs wonder what is more worthwhile - an online shop or an online marketplace?

You can easily connect the two worlds with each other via marketplace integrations and thus create a maximum range.

In general, the topic of marketplaces in Europe is still very "hot" - every major retailer is now trying to establish its own marketplace. Amazon is definitely ahead. However, Otto launched "OTTO Market" in spring 2020, a new marketplace with a similar strategy. Zalando, Engelhorn and Sportscheck are also examples of companies that offer their own marketplaces. What they all have in common is that partners (you, for example!) use the technical platform and customer access for their own trading and pay a commission for it.

However, the marketplaces sometimes differ significantly in their concrete form:

  • Is there a self-dispatch or does the marketplace take over the fulfillment?

  • How are documents and packaging presented, how much scope is there in the design?

  • How and to what extent is remuneration paid?


Specific Functions of Marketplace Interfaces

Connectors make it possible to connect your e-commerce system to the desired marketplace in order to exchange product and order data.

The following functions are possible:

  • Upload of product data,

  • Inventory data update,

  • Adjustment of prices,

  • Submission of orders,

  • Processing returns,

  • Submission of customer inquiries.

From a technical point of view, the data is transmitted via a REST API, XML web requests, CSV files, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and other methods depending on the interface. Are you missing a function? Just give us a call and we will find out what is possible!


Overview of Common E-Commerce Integrations

Which marketplace interfaces are currently available? We have put together an overview of some connectors here:

Blauband Amazon-Connector

The Amazon connector is an in-house development of Blauband to enable the seamless exchange of your product data with your Amazon Vendor Account.


Tradebyte is a cloud-based provider of standardized marketplace interfaces for Shopware, Shopify & Co. Three different solutions enable the connection to over 90 e-commerce channels.


For the common shop platforms, including Shopify and Shopware, Magnalister offers software for the integration of all important marketplaces. We are happy to help with the installation process.


Brickfox also offers interfaces to popular marketplaces and online shops. For this purpose, the tool allows the integration of third-party ranges in your own shop.


With the Limango Order Manager from Blauband, we can connect your shop directly to the Limango marketplace. This way you can sell your goods there as a “partner”.


Those who qualify for the Otto Market can offer their goods as partners with our connector on and thus greatly expand their customer base.


Lengow is particularly interesting for companies that want to expand internationally. Larger European marketplaces can also be reached via the interface.


Inkfrog is the right choice for anyone who specializes in eBay and Amazon. As listing software, the provider ensures very fast product synchronization.


In addition to many other e-commerce functions, the software from Plentymarkets offers a connection to all major marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, etc.


Before you decide on an interface, it makes sense to get an overview of the respective cost structures. Most of the time you have to deal with running costs that adapt to your trading volume and turnover.

Our experienced IT team also develops individual connectors, tailored to your needs. Please discuss your requirements in a non-binding discussion with us.


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