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  • Online shop as a service with Shopware 5

  • Marketplace integration

  • Order processing

  • Customer service

  • Fulfillment



Initial situation:
  • no own shop

  • Small marketplace presence in Germany

  • own B2B logistics



  • Shop-as-a-Service B2C and B2B with Shopware 5

  • Connection of the ERP for inventory synchronization via CSV files

  • Upgrading the logistics to B2C

  • Equipping the logistics with blueband scanners for returns processing

  • Listing on relevant marketplaces

  • Blauband takes over customer service tasks



Shopware references

Trollkids Case Study

Screenshot Trollkids_1.jpg

blauband as an external e-commerce unit

The #Trollkids brand has been fully supported by blauband since 2013. Trollkids decided on a consistent outsourcing strategy right from the start. blauband implemented the strategy with a modular platform connected to the central manufacturer warehouse.

Shopware Referenz Trollkids
More Shopware references
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