We desing your shop or expand your existing shop offering the needed technical maintenance.

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Shop Software

We prefer to realize online shops with Shopware® or Shopify®.
If you have not yet decided, we can make a structured system selection for you based on your requirements,which will result in a firm recommendation.






We usually work with the most widely used "LAMP" combination on web servers: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Of course we are capable of HTML, Javascript and Smarty, but also Java, C, C ++, C #, Python, (Visual) Basic, Perl and Ruby. Framework combinations à la Symfony and deployment and staging environments like Github are used as well as project management and ticketing tools like Jira by Atlassian.



We integrate all current and exotic enterprise resource planning systems, be it older systems, e.g. on an AS / 400 from IBM or modern systems. We are also familiar with the interfaces of large systems such as amazon, otto, tradebyte, for which we have already built our own connectors. Examples of the systems we connect to are IBM System i, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP Business One, JTL, Protex, Prodress, pixi, Sage, indigo fashion, Athenos, INTEX, e-velopment, TRIMIT Fashion, ImPuls Fashion XL.

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Investment security

We are happy to enter into your entrepreneurial risk. You can be assured that the investments we propose to you are future-proof.

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As a successful trader for many years, usability for the customer and for the administrator is in our DNA. We extend the standard functionalities of the shop systems with our own plugins in order to add functions that make handling easier.


The overview of our shop partners services

Shop software selection Ja Ja
Shopware implementationJaJa
Branded online ShopJa
Connection to third-party systemsJaJaJa
Marketplaces & PortalsJaJa
product dataJaJa
Logistics & merchandise managmentJa
Customer accountingJa
Customer supportJa
Sales and earnings responsabilityJa
Business plan(Ja)(Ja)Ja
Cost optimization(Ja)(Ja)Ja

We are a registered Shopware® Business Partner