If you want to focus on manufacturing your products, positioning your brand and distributing to your trading partners, you will be interested in our third model:

  • We take over sales revenues and profit responsibility for your online trade 
  • We organize the entire sales and logistics process to your end customers
  • including returns processing and payment transactions


For many years we have been organizing supply chains in almost all European countries with our own returns collection warehouses in the UK and in Spain.


Business plans

Over the past 25 years, we have analyzed and planned more than 300 business models. Before starting any retail partnership, we create a business plan in several variants. We also make this expertise available to shop partners and channel partners.

Same Day

Our flexible process interfaces allows the connection of any logistics service provider for order dispatch on the day of the order.



Cost Optimization

Optimizing and also making costs more flexible is a permanent challenge, especially in the short innovation cycles of online business. As a successful dealer, we have acquired proven expertise in recent years.



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Software ImplementationJaJa
Branded Online ShopJa
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Marketplaces & PortalsJaJa
Product DataJaJa
Logistics & Merchandise ManagmentJa
Customer AccountingJa
Customer SupportJa
Sales and Profit ResponsabilityJa
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We are a registered Shopware® Business Partner

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