We structure your internet distribution channels: marketplaces, shopping clubs, online retailers, cross-channel providers.



Our experience in structuring and automating processes spans more than 20 years. Success in the B2B business in particular often depends crucially on suitable processes and on employees who follow them with motivation.


One of the biggest challenges of internet channeling is the structure of the data: expressiveness and attractiveness, composition and content per channel.



Our newest entry is our admin robot "Janos". We are gradually handing over simpler administration tasks to the robot, which has learning algorithms. Even with low investment, a noticeable degree of automation can be achieved.

Data creation and maintenance

We help you to generate your data: Texting, Article Dimensions, Translations and Photo Shoots.


Cross-Channel Models

We have implemented a shop-in-shop model with one of our trading partners. For example, the customer can conveniently order an out-of-stock size directly from the store online. The item will be delivered to your home or to pick up in the store.

Data Management

Rarely all data is kept in one place. Structuring is our strength. An intelligent structure that guarantees the availability and consistency of data while minimizing the overhead of data administration does not necessarily require a dedicated Product Information Management (PIM) system.



In our experience, usability in B2B is becoming increasingly important. We have developed a whole series of plugins for this:

  • Blauband Wholesale plugin
  • Blauband variant order plugin

Market Expertise

We have been trading successfully on the most well-known marketplaces in Europe for many years. We use both the popular connectors such as magnalister or  tradebyte, as well as our own developments such as the Blauband Amazon connector.


Channel-Partner services overview

Shop Software Selection Ja Ja
Software ImplementationJaJa
Branded Online ShopJa
Connection to Third-Party SystemsJaJaJa
Marketplaces & PortalsJaJa
Product DataJaJa
Logistics & Merchandise ManagmentJa
Customer AccountingJa
Customer SupportJa
Sales and Profit ResponsabilityJa
Business Plan(Ja)(Ja)Ja
Cost Optimization(Ja)(Ja)Ja

We are a registered Shopware® Business Partner

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